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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Elizabeth Bennet is one of the most beloved literary heroines of all time. And how could she not be? She’s a smart, witty hopeless romantic, and a total feminist by 19th century standards.

We know that if Lizzy had lived in the 21st century she would be working hard as a writer or editor, and contributing some amazing book recommendations to the Creative Tribe blog. Check out some of the things we’re sure she would have on her desk!

Hestia Shaped Mug

An English gal through and through, Elizabeth would never dream of sitting down to work without a nice cup of tea – and what better mug than this? Not only is it the perfect size to power her through an all-nighter, but it would also remind her of the extensive statue collection in Pemberley.

In Bloom Book Collection

Being an avid reader and strong supporter of women, Elizabeth would have totally loved this collection of literary classics by female authors with a floral twist.

Mint-Birch-Monarch Writing Set

You know that even with the internet at the tip of her fingers, Lizzy would still write handwritten letters to her older sister Jane and to her Fiancé. She may text and email the rest of the world, but she knows the sentimental value behind a good old-fashioned letter.

Page Turner Bookmark

We all know that the biggest pet peeve of a reader is dog-eared pages, so you can bet Elizabeth has a couple of cute bookmarks like this one in every drawer of her desk.

Metal Photo Frame

One thing that could never be missing from Lizzy’s desk is a picture frame big enough for a photo of her five sisters Jane, Kitty, Lydia, Mary and future sister-in-law Gigi. Being able to keep all of her girls close to her, even when she’s physically far away from home, would totally be the kick of inspiration she needs to get through a long day.

Mesa Leather Candle

With earthy notes of cedarwood, tobacco, soft leather, and bergamot; this candle would have a permanent place on Elizabeth’s desk. Not only is it 10X cooler to write under moody candlelight, but the familiar scents of this candle would bring back the memories of her father’s library and reignite her passion for books.

Soft Throw Blanket

We could totally see this super soft throw stylishly draped over Elizabeth’s desk chair. Layering up is nice and all, but nothing compares to snuggling under a blanket during a rainy afternoon.

Strong Women Art Print

With a famous quote such as “Adieu to disappointment and spleen. What are men to rocks and mountains?” (aka boy bye, I’d rather be hiking than dealing with your drama) It’s no surprise that Elizabeth would have this fun and empowering print hanging by her desk.

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