DIY Yarn Headboard

Inexpensive DIY Yarn Headboard (Rental-Friendly!)

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Fiber art is all the rage right now, but making your own large-scale wall decor can seem super daunting.

To complete this super affordable and fast yarn headboard DIY, all you need is three materials and the ability to tie knots. That’s it! You can put it anywhere in your home (especially because of the damage-free hanging) but we especially love it as a replacement for a heavy, expensive headboard.

We put it together in about 20 minutes, making it the perfect weekend DIY to bring a little boho decor into your bedroom!

The best part of all? You can customize it to your favorite color palette! Yarn comes in a huge variety of colors and thickness, and you can combine different types to create a completely unique look. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even dip dye the ends, integrate fairly lights or mix in metallic ribbon. You know what they say – the opportunities are endless!



Yarn (We used Caron One Pound Solids in OffWhite)

– Scissors

3m Command Hooks

– Painter’s Tape (optional)



Step One

Measure the area you want your wall hanging to cover.

Step Two

Measure and cut your yarn. We made each bunch about two feet longer than the total width, with five total bunches of different sizes. The “thinner” bunches used about 20 strands of yarn, while the “thicker” bunches used about 40.

Step Three

Tie your knots! Evenly space them (like we did) or do small bunches of two or three for a different look. Start by tying your middle knots, and work on combing through the strands as you work to avoid any slack between knots.

Step Four

Arrange your bunches! Start by imagining lines around your wall space, or use painter’s tape to actually outline your area. Ours is a wide rectangle shape like a traditional headboard, but you might want a square or a tall rectangle.

The best part about using command hooks is that you can remove and redo! Start placing your bunches, using the knots to hide your hooks. Remember to step back every once in a while to see if your bunches and knots are evenly distributed and mimicking the shape you want. This is the time to use your eye and get creative!

Step Five

Once you’ve got your bunches arranged how you want, carefully comb through the ends and trim any strands of yarn that are longer than the rest.

Voila, you’re done! Cozy up with a good book and enjoy the rest of your day!

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