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It’s hard to name a favorite Hogwarts character, but if we had to choose, Luna Lovegood would definitely be at the top of the list. Witty, whimsical, and a little bit weird (in the best way), we know she’d be a fabulous guest instructor for a Creative Tribe workshop. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to make her famous radish earrings, identifying a Crumple-Horned Snorkack, or print a zine from the Quibbler heiress herself?

What we love most about Luna is her loyalty and dedication to her friends, and 100% inclusive nature. Take a look at the things we’re sure you’d find on her desk if you wandered into the Ravenclaw tower.  


Erin Condren Up to You Life Planner

Luna never let anyone make her decisions for her, which is why she’d adore this inspiring planner from Erin Condren.


Spectrespecs Enamel Lapel Pin

This pin may not keep the wrackspurts away, but it’s utterly unique and festive!


Ravenclaw Poster

We know Luna would have this Ravenclaw poster proudly displayed on the wall of her home in Ottery St Catchpole – right underneath the giant hand-painted portrait of her friends, of course!


Star Dust Glitter Pot

There’s almost nothing that Luna loved more than standing out in a crowd – except her friends and The Quibbler – so we could totally see her rocking this body glitter at the Yule Ball!


Talk to Myself Coffee Mug

It’s certainly no secret that the Lovegoods have no issue talking to themselves, especially in public! I mean, how else would you sort through all those brilliant ideas?


Rough Draft Mini Holographic Notebook

This Ban.do notebook is full of whimsy and charm, just like our favorite Ravenclaw! Charms’ notes just got way more exciting.


Unicorn Rubber Stamp

As an absolutely magical creatures lover, we can totally see Luna sealing all her letters with this unicorn stamp before borrowing Hedwig to send off a letter to her father! 


Metallic Foil Blue Earrings

They’re no radish earrings, but they’re just as fun and fashionable for a big Ravenclaw Quidditch match!


Quibbler Magazine

Of course, no desk of Luna Lovegood would be complete without the latest edition of the Quibbler. After all, where would she get her news about the whereabouts of Stubby Boardman?

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