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6 Tips for Staying Inspired In Your Everyday Life

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Kimber Heitner

Kimber is the author behind the travel blog, A Holiday Away. On the weekends you can find her hiking, reading, or obsessing over the neighborhood dogs. She's passionate about sharing her love for travel and creative projects! She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor in Arts and currently lives in Scottsdale with her husband.

We all know coming up with new ideas and staying motivated isn’t always easy.

So, how do we keep our momentum going when we feel stuck or burnt out? Here are a few of our favorite ways to stay inspired and get our creativity flowing.

Consume Content Both In and Out of Your Niche


While no one wants to be a copy cat, it’s okay to be inspired by others and find a way to make concepts your own! The best way is to bring your personality and expertise to each idea.

When you’re checking out what others are doing in your niche or industry, think: how can I do it better? What unique insight do I bring that can make it valuable for my audience? But don’t stop there – looking outside of your niche is important, too. Let’s say you’re a painter. Yes, Monet is sure to provide a creative boost! But you could also find inspiration in a florist’s colorful bouquet or a photographer’s black and white portrait. Don’t be afraid to branch out and discover new sources!

Bonus Points

Head to Instagram and follow one person in your niche and one person out of your niche. Pick a favorite post from each, and like or comment to express your appreciation for their work. You may just make a new friend, too!

Change Your Surroundings


Maybe you have a beautiful home office, or perhaps, you’re sitting with a cappuccino at your local coffee shop. Next time you sit down to create, try out a new setting. Find a quiet corner at the library, bring your notebook to a bar you’ve never been to, or look for local co-working spaces with a free drop-in day. Stepping outside of your normal routine could bring the inspiration you’ve been waiting for!

Bonus Points:

One day this week, treat yourself to a new spot. Is there a park nearby or a cafe you’ve been dying to visit? Here’s your chance!

Connect with Nature


Don’t know about you, but getting outside to connect with nature always makes helps me clear my head. There is something calming and refreshing about being outside! Mark an appointment in your calendar to take a 30 minute walk. The fresh air will breathe new life into your thoughts and your creative process. And if you have a dog, why not bring him along, too? The more the merrier!

Bonus Points:

Bring your notebook and a pen. Find a picturesque spot and jot down your thoughts!

Visit a Museum


You don’t have to visit the Guggenheim to find Insta-worthy art. Look up local galleries in your city and pick an exhibit that calls out to you. Many museums offer free days or even opening receptions with drinks – plus, a chance to meet the artist!

Bonus Points:

Chat up the docent to hear more about the work or the artist!



While it’s great to browse perfectly curated Instagram feeds, disconnecting is equally as important. Take time out of your day to unplug. Use this time to allow yourself to think without interruption and generate ideas without making comparisons to the idealized feeds we see online.

Bonus Points:

Set aside one hour every day for the next week to disconnect. The hour before bedtime is the perfect transition, and you are sure to sleep better!

Practice Self-Care


Don’t forget to take care of yourself! We can’t expect to do our best work if we’re not giving ourselves time to rest and recharge. This looks different for everyone – sign up for a yoga class, take a few minutes to meditate, or visit the nail salon for a fresh manicure.

Bonus Points:

Head to Google Docs and create a list of things that you love doing but consider an indulgence. For example, ordering new books on Amazon, picking up a dozen donuts from your favorite shop or checking out new arrivals at a new boutique downtown. Add at least 10 items to your list and pick one for this week

Having a healthy work-life balance is key to creativity. Challenge yourself daily and always make an effort to inspire those around you. How do you stay inspired?

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