Succulent & Air Plant Terrarium Workshop

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Although the official start of summer was still a month away, the desert sun was shining on Sunday, May 21! We gathered at the Creative Tribe Studio with Kalyn Caballero of Palm + Pine Design Co. to celebrate the plants that thrive in our unique climate: succulents.

As Kalyn and the CT team prepared for our Succulent & Air Plant Terrarium workshop, our studio was transformed into a lush green space. A diverse selection of succulents filled our main table —but before we put our green thumbs to the test, there were snacks to be had.


Our Sips n’ Snacks sign, made by the oh-so-talented Ashley of Modern Aquarian Lettering + Sign Art, directed guests to the day’s spread, which included pita chips + hummus, salt & vinegar kettle chips, fresh strawberries, and, of course, mini donuts. Ginger ale and La Croix helped us beat the heat.

As Kalyn introduced herself, she reassured the room that taking care of our succulents would be a breeze, even for those of us with a bad track record when it came to keeping plants alive (no judgment here).

Before each guest began constructing their glass terrarium, Kalyn went over spacial design for the bowls. She explained that succulents can be categorized as thrillers — the tall and exciting centerpieces — fillers, which fill the space around the bowl, and spillers, which crawl over the side. Including one of each type in our terrariums was the key to creating a balanced environment for our succulents.

 Everyone started their terrariums with a layer of sand — to help water drainage — and soil before Kalyn helped each guest hand pick the perfect combination of thrillers, fillers, and spillers. We customized our terrariums with different colored gravel, and topped them off with cute little air plants and crystals!

Kalyn filled everyone in on succulent care as we admired each other’s final creations.

Our resident photographer Julianne Capati captured some sweet snaps of all the new plant parents with their terrariums in the bright afternoon light that flooded the studio. We can’t wait to see how everyone’s beautiful creations adorn their space!

Guest Instructor: Kalyn Caballero of Palm + Pine Design Co.

Photographer: Julianne Capati

Sign Art: Modern Aquarian Lettering + Sign Art

Venue: Creative Tribe Studio

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