Do you need experience in the topic to attend a workshop?

Not at all! Unless specified in the workshop description, our events are designed to be accessible for beginners.

What should I bring to the workshop?

No need to bring anything with you! We'll provide all of the materials for you. You may want to have your smartphone for pictures, but we'll provide everything else.

(For some topics we may suggest bringing a laptop or notebook, but we'll let you know beforehand!)

Can my (hotel/restaurant/venue) host a workshop?

We're always open to discussing new venues! Send an email to with a link to your website and we'll find a time to chat!

Can my brand advertise with Creative Tribe?

Why, yes. We offer integrated workshop sponsorship and advertising opportunities for brands that we feel support our mission and align with our values. For details, head over here.

How do I become a Guest Expert?

We're thrilled that you want to join the fam! We accept applications right over here.

When will there be workshops in [insert city here]?

Hopefully, very soon! Let us know you want a workshop by submitting your city right here. We'll make sure you know when we're popping up nearby.

Will it be weird attending a workshop by myself?

We love, love when guests come on their own! The very reason we started Creative Tribe was to create a comfortable space to make friends and meet like-minded locals. That's why we do our best to facilitate opportunities to connect with other guests, our team and the guest expert.

What should I wear to the workshop?

Whatever you're comfortable in! There will be photo opportunities – we know everyone likes a little warning – but there's no suggested attire.

Our only advice: 1. If there's paint involved, don't wear your favorite shirt, and 2. Sometimes a project is easier to do standing up, so flats or low-heeled shoes are a good idea.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

We don't offer refunds for purchased event seats, but you're welcome to sell your seat. Just be sure to send us the new name for the guest list!

If you have an exceptional circumstance, send over an email and we'll do our best to work it out.




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