Photography 101 Summer Session with Nieves Montano Photography

This workshop was the first we ever had that was split into three separate lessons. For the first one, we met at Stella Java in the Mercado San Agustin, one of our favorite spots here in Tucson. Everyone gathered in the quaint coffee shop, nibbled on some pastries from La Estrella bakery and chatted before the workshop began!


Nieves Montano, a local Tucson photographer, was our guest expert who led this workshop. Nieves began her career life as a scientist, but ended up finding her true passion behind the lens of a camera. Today, she has found her calling through “helping creative entrepreneurs and non-profits present themselves online in unique ways."

The workshop officially kicked off with a quick lesson on composition. Nieves taught everyone about what good composition is, and how to frame photos. Then, it was time to get to get shooting! Everyone walked around the Mercado to practice what they had learned. At the end of this workshop, we had everyone share their work with us on Facebook so we could give feedback before the next meetup!


At the second photography lesson with Nieves, we met at Ermanos Tap Room - a location that we’ve been to before. For this workshop, Nieves taught everyone about how to manually set up a digital camera, in order to customize the look and feel of photos. Everyone munched on  hummus and grilled cheese sandwiches, while they practiced manual shooting while getting immediate feedback from Nieves.


For the final workshop of the series, everyone met in the evening at the U of A Student Union. We decided to meet in the evening because this workshop was all about lighting and taking portraits, and golden hour is simply the best time to shoot when you’re using natural light! Nieves took us through the tips and tricks to taking the best portrait photos - something she’s definitely known for!


After everyone had a chance to practice their skills, we took a walk down University Boulevard to Pasco Kitchen & Lounge. Our first ever workshop series came to a close, as we celebrated with delicious cocktails and food!

Locations: Stella Java, Ermano’s Tap Room, Pasco Kitchen & Lounge

Guest Expert: Nieves Montano

Photographer: Nieves Montano