Meet the Interns: Suzanna

This semester, Creative Tribe took on five interns and volunteers! We're so grateful to have them to help out at events and contribute to ongoing projects, like the blog and identifying potential partners. Since you'll be seeing them around, we'd thought we'd introduce them to you here!

How do you spend your time when you’re not at Creative Tribe?

I spend my time applying to jobs in San Francisco, so I have a job in place when I graduate from U of A in May. My other “work” time that is spent is writing essays and studying exams. In my free time, I like to find new restaurants with my friends, explore downtown (try not to impulsively shop and spend money but…), going to music venues, and watching Shameless!

What is your favorite thing about Creative Tribe? Why?

Talking and collaborating with the group of creative people. Learning through Theresa or webinars about marketing strategies that I can apply to future jobs.

What is your favorite creative outlet?

Drawing in my sketch book, I try to do it everyday around 5pm. 5pm is probably my least favorite hour, so it makes the time go by a little faster.

Of all your intern responsibilities, which is your favorite?

Being at the events and connecting with the guests is definitely a favorite.

What projects are you currently working on at Creative Tribe? Of those, which are you proudest of?

I am working on the video promo that examines and explains the dynamic of Creative Tribe. I am excited to put the entire thing together.

What is one creative art form you wish you were better at?

Poetry. I think too much when I try to write or produce anything that would make sense!

What is your favorite spot in Tucson?

4th Avenue, some of my favorite places to go for leisure/work are Cafe Passe, Epic Cafe, and Cartel Coffee. I also like going to record stores in downtown.

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