DIY Wooden Frame Holiday Photo Backdrop (or Wall Decor!)


For our last workshops of 2016, we knew we needed to have a beautiful neutral backdrop for photos. Enter: the easiest DIY decor ever!

This wall installation (which makes this project sound way more intense than it is) makes the perfect addition to any empty wall in your home or office.



Step 1: Carefully remove the glass and any visible staples or metal strips from your frames

Step 2: Pick a frame to get started. Cut one or two command strips (depending on how heavy the frame is) to fit the edges. Apply to the back of the frame and press firmly.

Step 3: Fix frame to the middle point of your designated wall space. This way you can work outward and you'll end up with the most frames in the center!

Step 4: Continue to add frames, alternating sizes. As you get further along, you'll want to start trying out different frames in the open spaces to find the ones that fit before you apply the command strips.

Step 5: Once you're happy with the arrangement and it looks balanced, add a few pine sprigs by gently pushing the ends through openings between the frames and the wall.


  • Make your arrangement more dynamic by placing some frames landscape-style and some portrait-style.
  • Adjust the number of frames and their sizes to make this as large or small as you want.
  • Swap out pine sprigs for tinsel or colorful blooms!
  • Check your local thrift shops (ideally a local non-profit) to find frames. We got all of ours for a few dollars!