photo by Julianne Capati

photo by Julianne Capati

We're on a mission to create space for women to connect face-to-face, celebrate common interests, and grow as individuals.

Our hope is that these experiences will help build thriving communities along the way, locally and globally.

We think events are the best medium for bringing women together to engage in a comfortable environment. Each in-person workshop and mixer is built around a creative topic, and often led by a local expert.

Our events are a place to make friends, try something new and do a hands-on project. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, stay at home mom, artist, or corporate professional – all are welcome!

we believe... connecting communities

Crossing paths with our neighbors is easy, breezy – connecting is not. We all belong to social groups, but we want to meet the incredible people outside of those bubbles! We find that cultivating those relationships is easiest in a learning setting (where your mind is focused and your hands are busy.) creativity for all

We are all born creatives (yes, that means you!) We’re all here to discover, learn and grow – regardless of skill level. As creatives, we're constantly seeking new mediums and innovative ways to interact with the world around us. open minds

We seek out new skills and embrace personal growth, whether it’s with open arms or a hesitant wave hello. We like getting our hands in the dirt, asking questions and broadening our horizons.