photo by Julianne Capati

photo by Julianne Capati


To create space for women to engage face-to-face, celebrate common interests, seek out diversity and grow as individuals.

Our hope is that these experiences will help build thriving communities along the way, locally and globally.

we believe... connecting communities

We think outside the lines of profession, age, race, religion, sexual preference or gender. There is always room at the table! And those seats should be filled with individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life. But crossing paths is easy - connecting is not. We find that fostering relationships is significantly easier in a learning setting where your mind is focused and your hands are busy. creativity for all

To be creative is an innate, natural born ability that we use every moment of every day. That's why we celebrate and encourage creativity in every form. As creatives, we refuse to conform to outdated traditions and social expectations. We're constantly seeking new mediums, new outlets and innovative ways to interact with the world around us. personal growth

We embrace personal discovery, whether it’s with open arms or a hesitant wave hello. With the Internet and the age of automation, we're losing opportunities for experiential, face-to-face learning. We are bringing it back. Why? Because we believe working with our hands heightens our intellect, grounds our senses and frees our spirit. It spurs innovation and progress.  And, above all, we believe face-to-face interactions are essential to individual well-being and flourishing communities.